Liquid-Liquid Extraction (Patented)

Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) is often used to effect a chemical separation where distillation by itself is not feasible. LLE usually involves replacing a difficult or uneconomical distillation with two or more simple separations. Process systems utilizing LLE recovery, purification, or treatment steps include the extractor and its downstream stripping and recovery operations, and are typically multi-tower systems, employing multiple mass transfer technologies.

LLE is a powerful separation technique that frequently is not fully understood or applied by process engineers. Successful LLE system design depends on four crucial factors:

• Selecting the best solvent to achieve the desired separation.

• Demonstrating the LLE separation scheme on a pilot-plant scale.

• Selecting/configuring the right extractor for the application.

• Proper design of downstream stripping and recovery equipment and controls.

LLE can be a real competitive advantage when applied properly, and ChemPro now has its own patented extraction column, which offers improved throughput rates with increased separation efficiency unmatched in the industry. Our team is well versed in mass transfer, with separation equipment and systems at the heart of many of the modular systems that we have designed and built. One of our key strengths is chemical separations expertise, and LLE technology is a vital part of this core knowledge.

Consider Liquid-Liquid Extraction for Your Difficult Separations