Biodiesel Systems

Biodiesel, a clean-burning fuel produced by transesterification of vegetable oils or animal fats, can replace petroleum-based diesel fuel with a biodegradable, non-polluting, and nontoxic alternative product. With governmental economic incentives to produce and use biodiesel, new plants are being constructed and its use is expected to grow dramatically over the next decade.

The ChemPro Group has developed unique experience in biodiesel production including reaction, purification, methanol recovery, downstream treatment of glycerin by-product, and process heat integration. Biodiesel plants are generally smaller, regional-scale facilities that rely on the availability of feedstock from local sources close to the plant. These biodiesel plants are perfect opportunities to employ modular construction techniques to speed construction and minimize costs.

ChemPro modular systems can meet the needs of any biodiesel feed, and include:

• Purification of biodiesel product to meet ASTM grade.

• Recovery of salable glycerin to meet USP grade. 

• Recovery of high-purity methanol.

• Minimization of utility consumption.

Energy Integration Plus Modular Expertise Equals Substantial Savings