Modular Solutions For The Process Industries

ChemPro serves the Chemical Processing Industries, the Hydrocarbon Processing Industries, and other industries requiring specialized processing equipment, systems, and expertise. ChemPro has process-knowledgeable, problem-solving specialists that understand these industries well.

Some of the particular industries we know are:

• Refining

• Petrochemicals

• Natural gas

• Pharmaceuticals

• Biotech

• Specialty Chemicals

• Flavors & Fragrances

• Inorganic/Organic Chemicals

• Beverages

• Environmental

• Food Processing

ChemPro has what it takes for ultra-fast start-ups: quick response capability, modular techniques, in-house fabrication capacity, and on-site technical support. ChemPro’s one-stop integrated solution includes pre-project planning, process design, detailed design, and modular fabrication for putting new processes, first-of-a-kind plants, and newly developed products on-stream quickly. Outsourcing your projects to ChemPro can reduce your overall project costs and start-up schedules.

Process Industry Specialists That Make Things Happen, Fast!