Technical Strength   

The ChemPro Group was founded on the cornerstone of process expertise in separations and unit operations. We combine seasoned process professionals with a strong project management team and alliance partners to tackle your toughest problems.

Our roots are deep in process applications, with a strong history in:

• mass transfer

• heat transfer

• solvent recovery

• multi-component distillation

• batch distillation

• steam stripping

• liquid-liquid extraction

Our technical expertise also includes process equipment design, and instrumentation and control. These are two key issues to consider when developing a project with modular construction. Our experience in the design of equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, vessels) can help optimize a plant layout that lends itself to modular and prefabrication techniques. In addition, proper selection of instrumentation and controls for modular systems can also improve accessibility, operation and maintenance of the unit. ChemPro’s modular expertise can make the difference on your next project.

Process Expertise to Solve Your Toughest Problems