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Hydrogen Generation and Purification

Hydrogen is widely used throughout the processing industries, in refining, petrochemical, steel, glass manufacture, electronics, food production, and other applications. As hydrogen demands have steadily risen and supply prices escalated, many users are replacing purchased hydrogen with a cost-effective onsite modular plant to produce hydrogen on demand.

ChemPro offers complete modular hydrogen generation and purification plants. Our dependable, conventional steam-reforming technology uses customized cylindrical reformers to produce hydrogen from any available feedstock— natural gas, LPG, naphtha, or methanol. Our hydrogen purification systems use pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, which may be integrated into a complete hydrogen plant or used as a modular, standalone system for the recovery of hydrogen from your enriched gas streams.

With decades of experience and a track record of reliable performance, ChemPro designs and builds hydrogen plants to the highest standards, with efficiency, reliability and safety as the prime criteria. Our emphasis on quality ensures that you get a plant that continues to run year after year, with maximum availability and minimum operator input. And if you wish, our lump sum turnkey option allows you to place only a single purchase order and we will take total responsibility for the plant, from design right through installation to production of gas.

Complete, One-Stop Modular Hydrogen Plant Packages

Click here for our Hydrogen Process Profile (PDF format).

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