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Cellulose Ethanol

Renewable energy resources will help reduce U.S. dependence on imported crude oil and contribute to stabilizing the price of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and home heating oil. Production of fuel-grade ethanol from corn and other grain crops is already helping meet increased demand for gasoline.

Use of cellulose and biomass feedstocks for ethanol production is a proven “green” technology alternative that minimizes the use of food crops as a fuel source. The potential feed materials are comprehensive and readily available, from wood chips and pulp-and-paper-plant byproducts to corn stover, rice straw, grass, and even municipal waste.


ChemPro and BEI have recently joined forces to commercialize a patented cellulose hydrolysis process that is both a low-energy and low-cost modular solution.  The unique two-stage reverse interstage transfer plug flow reactor design offers the following benefits:

  • Minimum residence times
  • Smallest reactor sizes
  • Lower operating temperatures and pressures
  • Higher solids ratios
  • Higher sugar conversions
  • Minimum catalyst volumes
  • Total energy balance

The end result is a complete, self-sufficient process that can be modularized and located at the source of the feedstock.  Future capacity increases are simple—just add on a duplicate modular system train  The goal is to reduce feedstock handling and storage costs for the client and offer the most efficient and economical approach for cellulose ethanol production.  In addition the modular process is a straightforward add-on to existing corn-based ethanol plants, with the potential to increase yields of ethanol by 15% and improve the value of by-products by 50%.

The ChemPro/BEI process can handle any biomass feedstock.  Extensive pilot plant research on various cellulose feedstocks has been conducted and previously validated by the DOE. Call today for an evaluation of your potential feed material.



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