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Bio-Ethanol Plants

Ethanol derived from renewable biomass feedstocks is destined to play a key role in reducing world dependence on fossil fuels. Yet ethanol production capacity falls far short of meeting even the current demand. Regional-scale ethanol plants that are small enough to be easily modularized are the answer to widely distributed sources for feedstock, and ChemPro modular fuel-ethanol and bio-ethanol systems are the solution.

When considering the options for design and construction of an ethanol plant, keep in mind that there is a clear division of design and construction needs. The front end of the process is a materials handling issue, the middle of the process is fermentation, and the back-end plant involves separations and mass transfer. Outsourcing the full scope of these ethanol plants to one large E&C firm can be costly and limits the use of technology to that available within the contractor.

Outsourcing selected portions or sub-systems of the ethanol process provides flexibility, reduces overall costs, and allows each individual contractor to operate in its respective areas of strength and expertise, bringing the best technology available to each step of the process. By selecting the right sub-systems providers, you can get a complete overall package—designs, prefabrication know-how, project management, specialized experience, and proven onsite support capabilities.

ChemPro has 25 years of experience with bio-ethanol plants, including strategic alliances with key biomass-to-ethanol technology providers. Combined with our separations and mass-transfer expertise, we excel at the back end of the bio-ethanol process. Add our modular design-build experience, and we can deliver the technology as a completed plant in the shortest timeframe. And as new bio-ethanol process technology continues to evolve, ChemPro has the proven capabilities, skills, experience, and resources to support the modular design and fabrication of these advanced systems.

Your Partner for Complete Modular BioEthanol Systems

Click here for our BioEthanol Process Profile (PDF format).

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