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When it comes to process improvements the Pros at ChemPro have no equals. We will be your partner in envisioning, researching and testing innovations that will make your process better, faster, more efficient.

Pilot plant and scale-up expertise will help you hone your process to the optimum, and modular design of improvements will speed your upgrade, minimize downtime, and reduce construction costs. And our proprietary process innovations, including tower internals and column designs, are available nowhere else.

ChemPro’s unique expertise lies in:

  • Biofuels
    • Biodiesel
    • Butanol
    • Bio-ethanol
    • Cellulose Ethanol
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Separation Technology
    • Distillation
    • Liquid-liquid-extraction
    • Steam stripping
  • Energy Integration
    • Heat transfer optimization
    • Heat exchanger design



Your Facilitator for Process Improvements

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