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The Earlier the Better When It Comes to Modular Design

August 10, 2006—Boonton, New Jersey—When a company is considering a modular process system, it is best to consult with a modular design specialist very early in the project—the earlier the better, according to world-class modularization expert Charlie Bambara.

“The best time is during the conceptualization phase, before any process design has begun,” said Bambara. “Critical decisions such as equipment selection and configuration, instrumentation and controls, and even block valve specification can have a major effect on plant layout, modularization, and ultimately, the bottom line. Using a modular mindset when designing and specifying components can result in substantial cost savings and will improve ease of access, operation, and maintenance within the modular unit.”

Modular design is a proven, cost-effective technique for optimizing construction, minimizing operational downtime, maximizing fabrication quality control, and significantly reducing costs over field construction. An experienced modular plant designer has the multi-disciplined capabilities to provide a custom modular plant design, and even develop and manage a project from inception through start-up. State-of-the-art modular fabrication techniques coupled with engineering skills can produce complete modular process packages in a very short timeframe.

Bambara has designed modular systems for over 30 years, directing and project-managing the design and fabrication of over 150 modular plants. He has particular expertise in mass transfer and separations equipment, bench and pilot plant process development and scale-up, process instrumentation and control strategies, plant layout and hydraulic design, 3D-CAD modeling, materials of construction, and project scheduling/controls, as well as specialized knowledge of modular system logistics, prefabrication, and fabrication techniques.

Bambara is co-founder and Vice President of Engineering of the ChemPro Group, a full-service design-build company specializing in modular process solutions, prefabrication assemblies, and overall project management. The company designs and builds prefabricated modular process equipment and systems, including skid-mounted equipment, multiple-module standalone units, and multi-unit complete process plants.

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